The Operations Excellence Playbook


Jon Cheplak and Dan Beer


Get the complete structure and framework for your organization to grow, including specific job titles, job descriptions, compensation, and how they all function together in a thriving growth-oriented business 

2-Day Full Recording Of Live Event Including The Playbook

Dan and his Team Integrator, Laura will show you...

The Integrator/Visionary roles and relationship...

Leadership team structure for a business that will scale and operate without you

Job Titles, Descriptions, Accountabilities, for every role in your organization

✅ Detailed splits and economic model of a team doing 7 figures of profit WITHOUT the owner in production

Showing agent program including comp, responsibilities of the role and other critical details

The simple two-page business plan we use that puts your entire organization on the same page and how to put it in play right now

✅ Annual review process for all staff and agents

✅ The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting rhythm and agenda of a high performing team

✅ The key management reports to know exactly where your business is in real-time and on-demand

✅ The right way to build and document processes that will be adopted and followed by all

✅ Zillow Flex systems, operations, and optimization

✅ Five tools to manage and hold your organization accountable

✅ Our detailed agent levels program to create time and leverage for your agents and increase retention

✅ Detailed checklists for transaction management and listing management

✅ The financial models we use for revenue projections, expenses, and budget accountability on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

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